Another fantastic world dog show for v.d Egmato team!
We brought again all titles we could win back home with us.

Here are the FANTASTIC results:
Judged by highly respected judge: Mrs Barbarra Muller from Swiss (Swiss Kennelclub president)

*Miyuki won the CAC,CACIB, WORLD WINNER 2021 + BEST OF BREED and later on in the mainring he was selected with the last 6 dogs inthe mainring under Mrs. Kristina Vanickova from Czech Repulic. A judge that never judged the breed before and was impressed by our Miyuki that she selected him with the last 6 in the mainring of probarbly 40+ breeds.


*Tinako won the JCAC, JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2021 out of 3 females !!

*Jiro won 1st in puppy class WORLD PROMISE YOUTH 2021 + BEST OF BREED PUPPY

*Roshi JR went RESERVE WORLD WINNER 2021 behind Miyuki. Unfortunatley out of coat but still took the reserve title over other championclass male.

The funny fact is, when we drove home we realized that every World Dog Show that we went to, since we imported the first Shikoku outside Japan we won the World Winner title with at least one dog.
Definitley another amazing memorie that will last for ever..
Now preparing our self and the dogs for the last show of the year the ”European Dog Show” in Budapest, Hungary