Uyuni-Hayato V.D. Egmato.

Meet this Shikoku girl

She is a dark sesame female of 5 years old. We did some matings with her and have offspring from her. We like to find a family for her, so she can enjoy life to the fullest, alone is preferable. She does play here with other females and males, its not that she is aggressive, no way, but we never tried to let her live actually with another dog together. So if there could be a meet-up with another dog that would be best.

If a family applies where she would be the only dog in the house would even be easier on her. She is well socialized, good with humans (old and young), walks properly on the leash, and is the house clean of course. She is a sweet girl overall and loves to hug and kiss you!! Before she leaves she will be neutered.

Out of V. D. Egmato Nibiru Go Sakura Kensha

Meet this Shikoku girl

She is a dark sesame girl of 2,5 years old. She had one litter in her life. She is actually at the perfect age to move to a loving family. We had to make this decision because we got too many dogs, bred and imported, to keep them all. So NIBI is still so young, at the beginning of her life (Shikoku gets quite old) so we think it would be right to give her this chance.

She is the sweetest girl ever, very polite in all her things, walking nicely on the leash, loves to cuddle and play, but is also very serene in her behavior. Very Zen if you understand what I mean. And she can live with other dogs as well, never a problem with NIBI. Before she leaves she will be neutered.