Explanation of terms used in Dog Shows

On this page, we want to explain to visitors the professional terms we use in Dog Shows. These terms are used all over the Dog world.


Point of the country to become a Champion of a country.


An international point when the dog won enough points the dog can become an International Champion.

BOB (Best of Breed)

The dog who won the best of the breed means that this dog is the best dog from the Shikoku breed that day.

BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)

If the winner of the breed is a male then this price will be awarded to the best female of the day, and if the winner of the breed is a female then this award is going to the best male of the day.

BIG 1, 2, 3 (Best in Group 1, 2, 3)

When the dog becomes the Best of the Breed, the Shikoku needs to compete in Group 5 where other breeds will compete for winning the Group. Here the dog can get a second (2) or third (3) place and if the dog wins a Best in Group 1, the dog needs to compete for the Best in Show title.

BIS 1, 2, 3 (Best in Show 1, 2, 3)

All of the dogs who won their Group competes for the BIS title. This means 10 dogs are at least in the Best in Show final. The dog who is the best of the show gets the award BEST IN SHOW 1, the dog who is reserve Best in Show is BEST IN SHOW 2 and the third-best in Show is BEST IN SHOW 3. Also, minor puppies, puppies, juniors, and veterans compete for this in different classes.

SBIS (Supreme Best in Show)

If you enter more days in the show it is possible to expect a Supreme Best in Show where all Best in Show Winners need to compete for the award Supreme Best in Show.