How to get a Shikoku Puppy?

The process of getting a Shikoku

If you are thinking of purchasing this wonderful breed read along to learn how we select the future owners of our shikoku puppies.

As the first step, we would like to ask you to fill out our puppy questionnaire. Please keep in mind that we’re getting a lot of requests daily so answering you can take up to 14 days, but we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

After we approve of you as the future owner for one of our Shikoku puppies, we will give you notice and start up the procedure to get you to the final waiting list.


To finalize this procedure we ask you to pay the deposit of €500 euro. After the payment is done you can be sure of getting a shikoku puppy from V. D. Egmato Kennel. We assume when people pay the deposit they have thought about their action very well to make this commitment between us, so please be aware that the deposit is not refundable. The choice of puppies is done according to the order of the booked reservation and according to our recommendation. If the situation occurs that the available puppy is not your choice in parents or it is bad timing it will be no problem to keep you on the list for the next occasion.

From day one, we follow puppy development, temperament, and personality to connect an ideal puppy with the right owner so that they can both enjoy a long and happy life together.  Of course, everyone is welcome to visit us and meet our dogs through an appointment. We are proud to show you our pack.

Our Shikoku Puppies
Raising Shikoku Puppies

Raising our Shikoku Puppies

Growing up in Shikoku family

Our shikoku puppies grow up with us as family. They get all the attention and love. They spend their first weeks with us in our special puppy area that is connected to our house/office where we provide them all the care they need. Then they begin to get acquainted with our yard, people, and other dogs. When the rainy days come, they continue to play on their roofed play yard with heating in the wintertime so they enjoy their playtime to the fullest.

  • Love and attention from the first days

  • Socialization of puppies

  • First steps into their training

Socialization and training of our Shikoku Puppies

We pay great attention to socialization of our shikoku puppies, accustoming them from the first day to various sounds, new situations as well as to new people … In the early days, we begin with the potty training on the puppy toilet in combination with outdoor potty training. Later on, in the training process, they will get used to walking on a leash with a collar/harness.

From the first day, we keep track of their development and temperament to connect an ideal shikoku puppy with the right owner so that they can both enjoy a long and happy life together!

Socialization of our Shikoku Puppies

Our Shikoku puppies going to a new home

At the age of 8-15 weeks

Puppies are ready for a new home at the age of 8 weeks/15 weeks. At that age, they got chipped and their first puppy vaccinations (this will be completed at the age of 12 weeks when they get their last shot of the Rabies vaccination).

Also, all our puppies will be completely dewormed before departure. Taking the puppy is done in our kennel except if there is another agreement between the breeder and the new owner. We regularly send pictures and videos to the new owners to follow up on your Shikoku puppy.

Our Shikoku puppies going to a new home
Our Shikoku Puppies going to a new home with...

Our Shikoku puppies go to a new home with

  • European passport

  • Veterinary examination

  • Pedigree issued by MEOE / FCI – (delivered when ready)

  • Contract, brochure, and a lot of tips and tricks for the puppy

  • Puppy package – food, brush, a toy from the litter box (with smell), leash, favorite chew, and an exclusive puppy package from Dogoteka with supplements.

Puppy Questionnaire

This is a V. D. Egmato official Puppy Questionnaire for getting a Shikoku Puppy from our kennel. Please, take your time to fill it out.
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